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We solve your computer problems. We are located inside the lobby of the Cape Royal Building on the other side of the wall behind the mailboxes across from the elevators in the lobby in Suite 121. The ten story Cape Royal Building has been a landmark building on Cocoa Beach since it was built for the Apollo Program back in 1964. We have plenty of parking.

Most computer problems are caused by software and you will not need to replace any hardware or buy a new computer. Our staff is familiar with the internal workings of your computer operating system software and know where to look for problems. If it is time to replace your old computer we can transfer your important data files to your new computer.

The Cape Royal Building is located beach side On A1A, a mile south of SR 520 and about a mile north of Minuteman Causeway, at 1980 North Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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We are located in Suite 121 next to the lobby inside the Cape Royal Building. On A1A, Cocoa Beach at 1980 North Atlantic Ave, a mile south of SR 520.